my lovely story

Back in 2018 I've always had ideas on adding things to my hair business just didn't know what. Then thats when I started to do more research on what it is I wanted to do. Then late 2019 I had rebranded my whole hair page name to  A2(square) Creations. Then that when I got the idea to call the things I sale A2(square) Extension + Accessories  on December 17th , 2019 . I started out selling  durags  during school and over the course of the next  I began to selling other things such as .  I was in my first pop up shop in June of 2020 and I only was selling  bonnets, lashes, durags & haie pins at the time. Then in September I had  the pleasure on being in my 2nd pop up I had way more inventory then my first time. And days after my 2nd one i hosted my  very own pop up shop and super exited to do it again. Ive accomplished so much as a young entrepreneur in the last few months and it hasn't even been 1 year since I rebranded. I say this to say if you have a dream go for it and never stop working for it.